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Our Site Map:

"We encourage you to take a screenshot of our gorunds to become familar with it!"



These descriptions are in roughly alphabetical order and continue to evolve. Check back here for more updates.

AIR CEREMONY: Quantum Light Breath

Richard Bock + Igor Siberia

Ecstatic Conscious Connected Breathwork 

Creating Your Climate Change Survival Guide

Carla Johnson, PhD

Carla Johnson, expert in Climatology, and Debra Silverman, world renown astrologer, are going to teach you some of the practical and magical tools you will need to navigate the next 10 years of radical shifts in climate and humanity. This is a workshop with interactive discussions on 1) how to decide where to live, 2) the top 10 things you need to know before you move, 3) how to live without the grid and services, 4) how to create a New World neighborhood, 5) what to do with big heavy feelings, and 6) how does your spiritual practice impact the future?

DrumStory, The Hunter and The Fox Pelt

Our ancestors have left crumb trails behind them through the darkening forests towards something greater than our small selves.  Come dive into the deeper shadows and shimmering brilliance of your psyche and soul through the wisdom in ancient tales. Follow kings and queens, serpents and sages, hags and hunters, wild horses and princesses through the trials and magic of being human. 

These myths left by our ancestors are neglected treasures to be taken in and assimilated becoming nourishment and wisdom for our journey.  Be carried through the adventurous doors of these stories accompanied by a rich tapestry of drums as time pauses and together we go on a passage of insight, danger and enchantment. 


Elemental Cacao Ritual

Destiny Love and Andrew Hanuman

This is a internal elemental balancing ritual with criollo cacao as a sacrament, with breath, sound, music, and meditation. Destiny and Andrew have facilitated cacao-based ceremonies and rituals since 2012. 


From Grief to Love: A Community Experience

Yemaya Indira

In our Western Society, we are not trained in the Art of Mourning.

Loss and Grief hit us in the face and we find ourselves trying to hide it, numb it, or make ourselves wrong for it.


When allowed to be felt, within oneself without fear or shame, Grief is safe and essential to our well-being in our human experience. When felt in community it becomes a powerful ritual that has the potential to create new realities. Come with an open mind so that we can open our hearts together.

Full Moon Cosmic Yoga Ceremony

Lucia Grace 

In this session, you will be guided into a deep state of embodied presence through intuitive yoga and breath as we feel and activate the powerful, fiery, heart energy of the Full Moon in Leo! This practice will weave together celestial wisdom with somatic practices to ground the current astrological movements into the felt experience of the body, empowering you to flow in harmony with what is.

Hawaiian Plant Medicine 

In this workshop we will be sharing Hawaiian Medicine Plants and and their many healing uses. We will provide samples and

answer questions on culture and tradition.. The importance of plant medicine is honored when shared.

Kaonohiokalaniokala ( your teacher) was raised on Oahu and learned from her family of native Hawaiian practitioners on Ho'opono'pono, Ha Lomilomi and la'au Lapa'au medicine.

She is currently promoting Hawaiian medicine plants grown at Kipuka Framacy in Pahoa Puna.

Hawaiian Wisdom, History and Hula

Kumu Hula Paul Kevin Keali’ikea o Mano Neves

“ Makahiki, Ha’a the sacred dance of the storyteller “

Come and experience the  The Art of Hula through storytelling during this season of 

Makahiki a time of peace. Pu’uwai the heart energy in the land and the people.

Heart Medicine: Healing Connection / Heart Medicine: An Inner Journey

Katrina Vaillancourt

Join us for a transformative two-hour workshop that promises to deepen your understanding of the profound impact of empathic communication. Through a series of engaging exercises, we'll explore the essence of empathy and its stark contrast with "non-empathic" responses, shedding light on barriers that get in the way of connection. You'll embark on a somatic journey, forging a deeper, embodied understanding of these two communication styles. As you practice giving and receiving empathy, you'll witness the remarkable effects this practice offers. This practice not only soothes the pain within yourself but also extends its healing embrace to others, strengthening connections, nurturing positive, mutually fulfilling relationships, and laying the foundation for long-term relationship success. Prepare to embark on a path of personal and interpersonal growth, as we collectively learn the art of empathy and cultivate richer, more harmonious connections.

Healing with Expressive Arts

Kristen Bowman 

Explore and play together with creative mediums such as visual arts, movement, and music in an expressive arts group space. All skill levels are welcome; no experience required. This healing arts workshop will provide participants with an opportunity for a deep dive into the realm of imagination, creativity, mindfulness, and reflection. The intention is to engage the flow state and to connect with self, nature, and community. 


Human Kaleidoscope Yoga

Kristina Lampkin 

Human Kaleidoscope is an offering of connection and play  through movement  and exploration of making shapes with the human bodies. Combination of partner yoga, acroyoga, sacred geometry, open hearts and minds.


It All Starts from Home- Creating Safety Within

Navi Somerville

The 90-minute workshop includes somatic-writing, movement (bioengenetics), and sound. We will have conversation and experience intervention strategies that could potentially move one from a state of fight, flight, or freeze into zones of safety. We'll spend some time focusing on what transformation could look like and shift narratives.


Through the use of art, meditation, somatic writing, stillness, and other universal perspectives, It All Starts from Home is an exploration of the dark, for we can find home there too. The intention is to expand capacity to become more resilient. 


Lifting Voices with The Muses, Song Circle


Come circle up with MaMuse to sing Sacred, Silly, Simple, Soulful songs. No experience necessary and all voices welcome.

Mirrors of the Earth: Humanity as a Reflection of Gaia 

Emily Kaye

We are holograms; the state of our creative ecology is a direct reflection of the nature of Earth’s ecology. Within this workshop, I will share wisdom on the relationship between the Earth’s ecology and humanity’s creative ecology. We will explore our personal inner landscape through shamanic journey work and meditation, focusing on our creative energy as the revolution the world needs to bring true healing to our planet.


Non-Dual Meditation

Das Stream

Based in non-dual philosophical teachings and techniques taught by Ramana Maharshi. Various practices will be offered as well as contributions from workshop attendees will be welcomed. The essence of non-dualism is “not two”, that we are One and we are Love. Love is our true nature and Bliss is the ultimate Realization. 


Partner Yoga: One Plus One Equals One

Marcia Galleher

The Partner Yoga sequence will be guided by Marcia Galleher. It involves couples finding support, trust, a joyful sense of play and creativity through the expression of asana. Each may find more stability, depth and accessibility together than expressing the posture alone.


Prayers for Peace: Earth Offering Ceremony

Shardai Moon

In this community ceremony, we will craft a medicine bundle of our prayers for pachamama (specific intention can be adapted for this event). With our individual prayers, connected to specific organic offerings, we will co-create a beautiful mandala, which we will then bundle up and bury in the earth. Spot can be chosen to best support future temples or energy hubs on the land. Participants will likely be given time to wander the land and mindfully harvest a small offering for the bundle, I will provide adjunct materials (or if possible, they can be asked to bring offerings). If time allows, I will lead an integration shamanic drum journey for further spiritual guidance.


Authentic Relating

Renata Langner

Authentic Relating practices create a safe, intentional space - rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries - to create meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other. By learning Authentic Relating skills, you can drop your conditioned relational habits, and learn to relate with yourself and others from a deeper more authentic expression of your truth.

Rest & Rejuvenate Yoga

Rylee Hedberg

This Relaxing Yin Yoga class begins with a meditation/visualization and intention setting for our practice together. We will then move through various yin asanas consisting of longer-held and passive postures led with introspective cues that connect back to the intention of the individual participating in the practice. We will end the practice with another meditation/visualization and breath-work. Feel free to bring any blankets, pillows, bolsters, and other items to help you drop in and get comfortable! 


Self Healing Bodywork

Tanisha Walters 

Learn full body techniques for Self Healing Bodywork based on Tui-na, Shiatsu, and Acupressure. 


Song is Touch: Song Circle and Meditation 

Aaron Johnson 

Everyone is welcome. This workshop is an anti-racist, black-led space to reclaim our community and our voices as singers. The song circle is partly composed of improv singing, learning traditional African heritage songs, beatboxing, and sounding with our voices. Noticing where we can bring music back into our homes and community. All singers have a choice when it feels good to sing, and can also choose to just observe.


The Body as a Creative Instrument 

Tom Truman

A mini workshop on tapping into and mapping the range of rhythms / energies are as humans. Using a broad range of musical styles to support this work.  I would offer an intro into the 5rhythms map with a lightly facilitated dance experience, during which we explore tools for tuning in more deeply to connect to the energy within, harnessing it's power and allowing it to move as creative expression. My intention is to offer this embodiment practice to bring more freedom, play & creative fullness.  

Transforming Emotional Energy w/ Connection

Jason Diggs

Authentic Relating has emerged as a powerful system of communication and practices that can deepen all our relationships, especially the one we have with ourselves. This social technology aids in releasing stagnant energy and provides a tangible method for mutual support. It harnesses group energy to foster our personal growth. Join Jason Digges, a trailblazer in this field who has introduced it to thousands across 20 cities globally. You'll experience a profound sense of grounded interpersonal magic, rejuvenating our connection to our body, boundaries, purpose, and self-love.

Jason is one of the pioneers of the Authentic Relating Movement, a worldwide community exploring peer driven emotional intelligence practices. He was also the first to publish a book on the topic, Conflict = Energy, The Transformative practice of Authentic Relating. He has trained hundreds of facilitators and taught in over 20 cities across the globe.


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