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BlessFest 2020

BlessFest was originally planned to gather in person this July in Amherst, MA, but in efforts to keep everyone safe, the tough decision has been made to forego the physical gathering. As in life, BlessFest has been given the chance to adapt and evolve during a great time of change.

With our community, we have rose together to continue this magical celebration of the heart, one another and the earth. In May, BlessFest expanded it's wings to an Online Global Event to support COVID relief efforts! 


This free, donation-based, online event, now available to view at any time, was designed to serve the evolution of human consciousness through offerings from many of the world’s most inspirational voices including: wisdom teachings, world music, chanting, yoga, health and wellness, storytelling and more. 

There is infinite power when we connect through these sacred arts to the inherent joy and peace that exists within and extend it to the world beyond. 


Please join us as we support each other during these challenging times for a transformative revolution of the heart! 

Again we are so honored that so many beautiful people had already created incredible momentum for what was to be our third year.  While our physical gathering is paused for 2020, BlessFest is already planning for another in person gathering 2021 July 15-18 in Amherst, MA and many more offerings to come! 


that made this all possible!

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