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Connection & Opportunity

Vending at BlessFest is fun, easy and an integral part of the festival experience and community! BlessFest welcomes vendors, artisans and healers of all types.

BlessFest’s vendor walk is super accessible and visible. This contributes to a great community circle and feeling. At the same time, the vendor walk is conveniently lined along the edge of a small forest, providing some shade and continuity.


We have consciously set up our acoustics so music clearly reaches the vendor walk but is not overpowering. This allows all vendors to enjoy and feel connected to the festival/music while still being able to easily exchange with attendees. 

Ready to join the Vendor Community at BlessFest? Easily fill out and submit your application as spots do fill quickly! Further details regarding vending specifics and costs at are outlined below.

Healing Tent 

We will have a Healing Tent set up for holistic therapies (i.e. massage, craniosacral, reiki etc…). There is no additional cost to be in the healer tent, but space is limited. Healers can also bring their own tent to work from. We ask that you submit your preference when you fill out your application. 


Food & Beverage

BlessFest loves having food vendors as well, however we only allow health conscious, non-alcoholic food and beverage that does not use white sugar, chemicals, artificial colors/dyes, preservatives etc.


Vendor space for all offerings at Blessfest is $300. This guarantees you a spot in the vendor walk, gives you access to all events, and you keep 100% of your income. If you wish to bring an assistant, the price is an additional $50 for +1. If you have questions you can email us at

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