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BlessFest Hawaii, May 2022

Music, Sacred Arts and Community on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii May 12–15, 2022. BlessFest Hawaii featured an array of uplifting and heart-opening offerings from inspired and epic musicians, presenters, teachers, and ceremonial elders. Possessing the intimacy and healing qualities of a retreat while having the excitement and grandeur of a festival, this event was a time to slow down, tune in, and immerse in renewal of sacred arts and ecstatic community.

Yaima, Shiva Rea, Paul Izak, Kumu Ehulani Stephany, Chris Berry, Hope Medford, Daphne Tse, John de Kadt, Sukha, Joshua Hathaway, Christine Marie, Noelani Love, Richard Bock, and many many more. 3 Days/3 Nights of…

  • Inspiring World Music Concerts

  • Kirtan and Chanting

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Hawaiian Sacred Ceremony

  • Hula and Haka Workshops

  • Trance Dance

  • Sound Healing

  • Breathwork Workshops

  • Community Building

  • Organic Food and Herbal Elixirs

  • and More!

BlessFest Hawaii took place at the stunning oasis of Sundari Gardens in Pahoa on the Big Island. This magnificent property includes breathtaking views of the ocean, gorgeous gardens, two outdoor shalas, and a beautiful new outdoor spa which has a swimming pool, sauna, cold plunge, and hot tub. Slow down, connect with the ancient traditions of Hawaii, sing and dance and nurture your body, mind, and soul. Come as you are, with all your humanness, and dive into the experience, allowing yourself to be fully immersed into the alchemy of this Ohana. A portion of the proceeds from this event were given to Halau Hula Ka Makani Hali 'Ala O Puna school to help preserve and teach the ancient wisdom, traditions, and sacred sites of the Hawaiian people.

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