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Giving Back

Gwen's Girls —
Supporting Young African American Women

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In September 2020, BlessFest was honored to work with and give to a Pittsburgh, PA non-profit called Gwen's Girls. 


Gwen's Girls' mission is to empower girls and young women to have healthier, more productive lives through holistic programming. While Gwen's Girls serves girls and young women of all races from ages 8–18, the majority of the girls in their programs are African American as they are the population most in need of services in Pittsburgh.


For 18 years, Gwen's Girls has been committed to helping these young girls become more healthy, self-sufficient adults equipped with the capacity to continuously evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually. Gwen's Girls supports girls in need with education, health and wellness, life skills, female awareness, leadership and development, family life, spirituality, cultural enrichment, community service and recreation.


Thank You for Attending!


Gwen's Girls has been making a profound difference in women's lives since 2002.

Thank you for helping BlessFest support them though attending and donating to our online event that took place on September 16, 2020. 


To learn more about the origins of Gwen's Girl's and the powerful, important and effective work they do, please watch this video and visit their website

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All money donated goes directly to the artists and to Gwen's Girls.


BlessFest does cover its expenses in hosting this immediate event  (i.e. paying the production engineer and the graphic designer) from the proceeds but BlessFest and its regular staff take absolutely no profit for this event.

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