SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

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BlessFest: An Evening of Alchemy

Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 5:30–9:15pm EST

In these stressful and uncertain times we need more than ever the alchemy of sacred arts and wisdom to keep us buoyant and renewed.

BlessFest presents four amazing women offering their gifts of music, wisdom and love. Join BlessFest for this free donation-based event benefiting these artists as well as raising money for Gwen's Girls. Take any part of four hours on Wednesday night, September 16th to relax, unwind, be inspired, and recharge your mind and body.

Gwen's Girls is Non-profit organization doing amazing, life-changing work in Pittsburgh, PA for young girls in need. 

We begin with a wonderful gentle restorative yoga class by Jovinna Chan followed by the beautiful heart-touching songs of Linda Worster. We then hear a talk by Ram Dass co-author Mirabai Bush who will share how we keep our heart open during challenging times followed by a brief Q and A. This evening will close with wonderful and powerful singing and chanting of Jai-jagdeesh.

New Moon


Music / Chanting

Jovinna Chan.jpeg

Jovinna Chan

Gentle / Restorative Yoga


Mirabai Bush

Author / Discussion

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Linda Worster


An Evening of Alchemy



5:30–5:40pm — Welcome


5:40–6:25pm — Jovinna Chan, Gentle / Restorative Yoga

Join phenomenal yoga teacher Jovinna for a slow and mindful yoga practice to restore the connection of breath, mind and body. Class is 45 minutes long. Gather yoga blocks (optional), a cushion and blanket for your practice.


6:30–7:00pm — Linda Worster, Music 

Join Linda for her always incredible soulful offering of brilliant heart-opening songs. Her music and lyrics proclaim the joy and explore the struggle of inner discovery. They are alive with the vitality of her dedication to seeking and discovering the magic and the mysteries of life. 


7:05–7:15pm — Kathi Elliot, CEO of Gwen's Girls
Learn about the epic and important work Gwen's Girls is doing with young African American girls in Pittsburgh, PA.


7:25–8:25pm — Mirabai Bush, Co-author with Ram Dass "Walking Each other Home" 
Discussion: Open-Hearted in Challenging Times

In these difficult times, we can feel alone, separate, and longing for connection. We can learn to let go of fear and stress and invite the experience of interconnection by practicing compassion and love. When we live in loving awareness, we also naturally act in a way that heals the world around us. 


8:30–9:05pm — Jai-Jagdeesh, Music / Chanting

Join this beloved sacred music artist for her incredible offering. Jai-Jagdeesh has a voice that is at once vulnerable and powerful, and her many songs are loved across the globe. Grounded by a practice of Kundalini Yoga, her singing comes from a deep well of raw emotion and profound devotion.


9:05–9:15pm BlessFest Closing