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BlessFest welcomes volunteers to join in the co-creation of this amazing event! Building this experience from our community is a great part of why it feels like home at BlessFest.

We’re so excited to have a variety of volunteering opportunities both pre-event and onsite throughout the festival. These include areas such as local marketing/outreach, registration, parking, set up/break down, decoration, photo/video, ticket monitoring etc… Below you will find further information about these opportunities as well as our volunteer application form. In addition if you have a skill set that you feel could be of benefit to BlessFest please let us know!

All Onsite Volunteers receive a free four day ticket to the festival in exchange for their service.

Want to lend a helping hand but not volunteer onsite? Simply look below under Volunteer for Love!  

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer For Tickets - Onsite Volunteers

To volunteer onsite at BlessFest you must be present for the entire 4 days of the event. Volunteers must be able to arrive on Thursday July 16th by 12 noon for our orientation meeting. We are sorry but there are no 1, 2 or 3 day volunteer options available. Onsite volunteering jobs are  quite easy and fun, they involve working one 4-5 hour shift each day. You will know ahead of time which specific times/time slots you are required to be fulfilling your assigned job. At all other times you are free to attend any event as you would like. Please note there are a limited number of onsite volunteer spots and we match them to our needs accordingly, therefore we cannot guarantee an onsite volunteer spot for every applicant. 

Volunteer for Love - BlessFest Street Team  

Maybe you're not interested in volunteering onsite but you still want to know "How Can I Help?" make BlessFest a reality. Where we really need help is getting the word out, in any capacity you can, this includes hanging posters, distributing postcards, talking to local community members and sharing via social media. We will provide you all the supplies and even ideas of how to get the word out. Please still fill out the volunteer form so we have a record of all of your information. 

Guidelines & Other Important Info


Meals & Lodging

Please note that all volunteers will need to take care of their own lodging and meals as these are not included as part of the volunteer opportunity.  All event meals and lodging can be purchased before by July 6th through the registration page. If you don't wish to buy the BlessFest meal plan, there will be some food vendors onsite including coffee, tea, smoothies and treats but not necessarily full meal options. A local Whole Foods is also nearby. 


Assurance Fee

If your application as an Onsite volunteer is accepted BlessFest will require a refundable $75.00 assurance fee. One hundred percent of this fee will be returned immediately to all volunteers at the end of the festival or per the completion of your pre-event outreach. If you do not show up to volunteer at the event for any reason BlessFest retains the right to keep the assurance fee.

As a reminder there are a limited number of onsite volunteer spots and we match them to our needs accordingly, therefore we cannot guarantee an onsite volunteer spot for every applicant.  Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of the BlessFest Team in 2020, we're excited to create with you!


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