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COVID-19 Relief

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COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Lucy's Love Bus Families

$8,000+ was raised from BlessFest Global Online and went directly to Benefit Lucy's Love Bus COVID-19 Emergency Fund. 


Families of children and young adults with cancer and terminal illness need our support now more than ever. BlessFest's 2020 seva/service was focused on raising funds and awareness for Lucy's Love Bus, an organization founded to improve the quality of life for these children through integrative therapies like massage, acupuncture, meditation, and music therapy. 

During this crisis Lucy's Love Bus has shifted their mission to address their family's most urgent needs. Beyond the extreme stress of going to the hospital for treatment, 90% of their families are facing severe financial hardship, and are struggling to pay for basic necessities such as housing, groceries, gas to get to the hospital, and co-pays for medicine. 

Together we can provide some financial relief for these families so that they can focus all of their energy on caring for their children and for some not go homeless amidst this storm. You can still easily donate not only to help ease the suffering and uplift minds, but to ultimately help save lives and spirits!

We invite you to take a moment to watch this heartfelt video about Lucy's Emergency Fund efforts.

Lucy’s Love Bus was founded by 11-year-old Lucy Grogan, who was diagnosed with leukemia in July of 2002. During four years of cancer treatment, Lucy found relief from intense pain and anxiety through therapies such as massage, Reiki, meditation, acupuncture, music therapy, and therapeutic horseback riding. Lucy was distressed to learn that integrative therapies were not covered by insurance, and were therefore not accessible to her peers in the hospital. She decided that when she was “done” with cancer, she would make sure that sick children could have access to free integrative therapies to manage the debilitating side effects of medical treatments. Unfortunately, Lucy did not survive her ordeal with cancer, but her beautiful dream did.

We ask that you join us this year in seva to support Lucy’s Love Bus to help ease suffering and uplift minds, bodies and spirits. Lucy herself felt and understood the power of sacred arts and holistic therapy, the BlessFest community understands this transformative power first-hand. 



“When you look at the sick children follow them to the place they can speak to you in. Notice their bodies are two things, love and illness, and help them remember the love and not the sickness. The Healing is [in] knowing who you were, not what you might be.”

- Lucy Grogan, age 12

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