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JULY 16-19 . 2020

Amherst . MA

Kirtan . World Music . Wisdom Teachings .

Yoga . Dance . Ceremony . Seva . Community

Ajeet Kaur
Mark Hyman
carrie grossman
Shawn Stevens
John de Kadt
Katie OConnell
Jafar Alexander
Toni Bergins
Brenda McMorrow
Brothers Frantzich
Nina Rao
Dave Stringer

Ajeet Kaur . Shantala . Yaima . Dr Mark Hyman

Devadas . Dave Stringer . Toni Bergins . SriKala

Brenda McMorrow . Radharani . Carrie Grossman  

Jafar Alexander . Brothers Frantzich . Shawn Stevens  

Nina Rao . Scott Hari Whitmore & Krishna Prem .

Coral Brown . John de Kadt . And More...


 is a gathering for all lovers of the earth and of the divine. BlessFest embraces ancient and contemporary sacred wisdom traditions. It is a festival for the expansion and evolution of human consciousness through heart centered song, kirtan, yoga, dance, embodiment, story, poetry and more. At BlessFest we come together in community to slow down and resonate with the rhythms of the earth using sacred arts of our time for a revolution of the heart. This festival is a Eco Friendly Community that strives to be a zero-waste event.

" There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground "     
" There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground "     
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