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BlessFest will not be must be there in person with your voice, your body and your beautiful beating heart!

BlessFest is an annual four day music and sacred arts festival that welcomes hundreds of people from all over the country. It is the creative vision of artists from the kirtan and sacred arts community. In the challenging and busy times in which we live, BlessFest's founders feel it is more important now then ever that we join together and slow down in simple ways remembering the joy of being.

BlessFest is a gathering for all lovers of the earth and of the divine. BlessFest embraces ancient and contemporary sacred wisdom traditions. It is a festival for the expansion and evolution of human consciousness through heart centered song, kirtan, yoga, dance, embodiment, story, poetry, dharma talks and more. At BlessFest we come together in community to slow down and resonate with the rhythms of the earth using sacred arts of our time for a revolution of the heart. This festival is a Eco Friendly Community that intends to be a zero-waste event.

BlessFest aspires to create an intimate and robust community that inspires us to open our hearts to that which is greater than our small selves. A community that encourages us to face challenging aspects of being human with compassion, self inquiry, tolerance, equanimity and wisdom. A community that joins in the ancient and contemporary practices as a means of remembering the inherent joy and peace that lies within and extending it to the world.

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